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Fathers love is quiet gentle, is the back of bending down to change your diapers

2020-06-18 17:10:21


Looking forward to it

Father's Day is coming

I don't know when

There are more wrinkles on my father's young warm face

Black hair also a few strands of dazzling white hair

But his broad shoulders still carry the whole world for you


The beginning of fatherhood is how to change a baby's diaper. Today, changing diapers is no longer the mother's "only family patent", how would love father absent. But changing diapers is also a door technology, the novice dad will indeed be in a hurry, at a loss!


Today I make up a special guide for dads:

How to change diapers for baby correctly!

1. Prepare some items before changing diapers


1. A diaper

2. A piece of clean diaper with correct number

3. A bag of baby's wet paper towel, cotton towel warm towel

4. Baby hip / skin care products

2. Six steps to change diapers

Put the baby on the diaper, spread out the new diapers, erect the inner hem (to prevent leakage). 


Gently grasp the baby's two feet with one hand, mainly grasp the ankle, lift the baby's buttocks about 30 degrees, withdraw the dirty diaper with the other hand. (don't tease the baby's feet when changing diapers, as this will easily trigger the baby's step reflex cause the baby to kick kick in disorder.)                   


Wipe the baby's butt top to bottom with baby's special wet tissue. Boys need to pay special attention to the cleaning of skin wrinkles. Female baby should pay attention to when wiping, must wipe front to back.


After cleaning, remember to dry the baby's buttocks with a soft cotton towel, then apply a layer of hip protection cream to prevent diaper rash.


After wearing diapers, check the diaper waist buckle whether fit, tightness is the index finger can be inserted into the baby's groin is appropriate.


When handling dirty diapers, pay attention to hygiene. Do throw them around. Fold them up according to the product instructions.


When parents change diapers for their baby, they need to clean their hands to prevent bacteria polluting diapers when changing diapers.

In the whole process of replacement, we should only act quickly to prevent long-term exposure, but also be careful to hurt the newborn.


I like "please answer 1988"

Deshan's father told her

"Dad, I'm born to be a dad

It's my first time to be a dad. "


Father knows how to take responsibility when he is stumbling

We are also in the stumble to understand father's love

He gave you the best

I'd like to do everything for you

June 21st

To my father

Peace joy win everything!


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